A picture and a poem….

A picture and a poem as a reminder to celebrate life on this beautiful September day.

September 29th, 2017

Imagine me a turtle….floating in the sea,

A giant green sea turtle- life would be a breeze.

My friends are the fishes, dolphins, sharks, and whales,

I like to eat sea grass, sometimes a tasty snail.


What makes me very special is the shell upon my back.

When I get super tired, I go in and take a nap.

I’ll crawl up on the sand, and warm up in the sun.

When I’m done with napping, I’ll go and have more fun.


My ocean home is troubled, it’s filling up with junk.

Unless I’m really careful, I get caught up in the gunk.

You can help to keep me safe, pick up all the junk you see.

Playing with my friends- who wants to be me?