Out of balance…………

This morning I woke up out of balance. Like a tire out of round, my mind was going thump thump thump instead of smooth. I am struggling with the “do” part of me against the “let it be” part of me. You would think that with all the big talk I do about it, I should have no problem, but I do. Every day.

But today was different. I made the decision yesterday to start a new journey. Not geographically, but something to fulfill the “do” part of me. It wouldn’t be a big deal, I have started lots of stuff, but I was struggling with my usual “keep it a secret until it’s done” with “this might be something I want to share with my friends”. We have all been there. And you know why it’s a struggle. If you share your new job, new love, your book, your new haircut, what ever, you open yourself up to peer criticism, the hardest kind on an ego. And also the fear of failing. No one knows but you if you were the only one who knew. On the other hand, if you don’t share and keep it a secret, you might miss two opportunities. One, maybe learn what someone else may know about it and share with you. And two, you might be helping someone out with an answer for their life. At the very least, I will be somewhat accountable if it’s out in the open. That can be a strong motivator in itself.

So I took my struggle to the beach hoping for an answer. I hadn’t been there for about a week, too busy with kids and my new venture. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Pavillion still standing and the beach was filling back up where there had been only trees and stumps.

The beach was gone.
The beach is back.

In fact, I like the new look of the Pavillion better now. (Picture at the top). Where there used to be a huge drop off to the water, now it slopes gently and gives the Pavillion a more beachy feel. Mother Nature knew what’s best.

On my 45 minute walk, I tried to “Let it be” and just take in the beauty and ground myself with the Earth. I encountered a small dead fish, which is rare to see on shore, and thought about life has a beginning and an end, and felt bad for the fish. I encountered small pieces of plastic washed up, and thought how fragile the environment is, and we as humans have to take the lead in preserving it. I walked past a young girl, also walking, and as we passed I noticed she had an air hose that she was breathing from, and a medical back pack I assume carried a tank. She was probably about 20. I thought that no matter how you might be feeling, there is always someone else with their struggles and hurdles. It made me feel good to be alive. We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes.

Did I get the answer I wanted? I think so. You will know it if I release the post titled Journey of a thousand miles.

When I got home and started this post, I felt like I had just come from the shop getting an alignment and a balance. I guess it’s all about perspective. But at least now I know what to do when I get Out of balance. How about you?



A journey of a thousand miles….

begins with a simple step. How often have we heard this quote from Lao-tzu dating back to BC 604 to 531? Remember, we count backward before A.D. We have all had that first simple step. How many steps have you taken in your lifetime from that first step as a baby? Staggers the mind. How about that new job, or marriage, or “I’m changing my life”?

Today I am taking my first step (My first real serious step), and I would like you to accompany me on my journey. I think you will find it fascinating, confusing, daunting, enlightening and maybe something you may want to put your shoes on for and step in my tracks along the way. What is it?

It’s making money on the internet. Now some of you may already be doing this either on the sly or right out in everyone’s face. Doesn’t matter. I have been digging around for months looking for ways how to do this. You already know I published two books with a third on the way, and have a blog. I can tell you right now there is no money in that. It might get you points in the vanity department, but no dollars in the bank.This is an “I learn, you learn” series of blogs. The good part for you….free.

Get in the back kid

In this last week, I have made an all out effort to either make money on the internet or give up completely and get a job driving a school bus (nothing wrong with that either). In fact, if you look at my last post, I had a link to Amazon. If you clicked on it (which I surprisingly got 38 clicks) and bought the product, that gets me about 3% commission, which for that product is about $.09. If all of my followers bought it, I would make $1.34.  Why bother. Take the bus job. By the way, nobody bought it.

I believe that someone is making money on the internet, it’s just not me. I didn’t start my blog to make money. I did it because it was good therapy for me to document my stories and maybe someday leave a legacy for my kids to learn who their Dad was. I still feel that way and this blog will remain that way.

So I started poking around and found a whole lot of people who claim to have all the answers, for a price. And I fell for a couple. But the funny thing is, I did learn something to get me to that second step, then a third and a fourth.

Now I have signed up for a course from Clickbank (which I am sure you never heard of) which sets up affiliates (the people who sell stuff they don’t own) with their marketing efforts. Kind of like when I worked for a Car Dealership. I didn’t own any of the cars but got paid a commission when I sold them. What a great potential for little investment. But don’t be fooled, it takes hard work, determination, and a bit of luck. Just like the car business.

A half hour ago I watched the introduction to my first day. Yes, I shelled out $47 for the first month, then $47 a month every month I want to continue. That’s my first step. Lot’s of promises were made, testimonials were plenty, and the allure of internet dollars grabbed me.

Now granted,  I am starting this with a bit of built-in knowledge. I know how to get a domain name, get a hosting service, and build it so there is actually something there. This was not always easy and many times is just downright frustrating. But I said we are going to learn from the beginning, and we will. I am starting with a different domain than my current burltheblogger.com so I can use the suggestions made by the course I am about to take.

Looks like a great place to take a nap.

One more thing. I always dreaded training in my previous career. I felt I wasted countless non-productive hours listening to many things either not necessary or sometimes worthless. I will try not to bore you with minute details. I don’t want this to be a how-to series. I want it to be like a movie. You can watch the story until the end. Hopefully, it all turns out the way we want.

I have researched and tried many programs, none worked. It’s content they say, or traffic, or an email list, or paid advertising. None worked for me. Right here and right now, I am going to talk about every step of the way, not in the technical sense, but from selling $0 to whatever it may be, in a way we will both understand.

This will probably change in time, but for now, I am going to name all my blogs on this subject: Starting an internet business for seniors. Why that, and does it leave the rest of us out? (Well, not me). On the contrary, what better way to learn than to learn a method that is geared towards the most unsavvy technical people around. I had the good fortune of working with computers for the last 28 years, so I feel comfortable with them. But I don’t know a damn thing about Snapchat, Twitter and whatever the newest thing is. And most people don’t. But nothing prepared me for what I have had to learn to get to where I am today. Now if this was information for someone in their 20’s, forget it.

If you are not the least bit interested in this, no problem. At least with the blog title, you can skip those. I am still going to post my other stuff too. I will try to add a little humor now and then to keep it real. Sit back and hang on. As they say in the movies, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Robin Hood Gang
Looking at the dollars piling up!!!

Day One.   $0 sales.  Signed up for the program for $47. Bought Domain name. $7

Total:  -$54

If you feel the need to read ahead, or want to dive right in, here’s a book to start with.

If you already have a website and want to learn more about affiliate marketing:

Click Here!