Changing WordPress Themes

Sorry if things look a bit confusing for you on the site today. If they are confusing for you, just think how I feel. I am updating my WordPress Theme.

A WordPress theme is the look and structure of the blog website. The one I was using was made in 2015, and am updating to the 2017 Blog Theme. No big deal, it’s free and everything that was on my old website transfers over.  Just have some tweaking to do, and change the stock photos to make them mine.

I am also going to add some more features and links, but a day at a time.  So bear with me. (I am trying to remain calm).

Also going to add another Category. Health and Supplements.  I  am a living testimony to 50 years, give or take, of supplementing with vitamins. I know what worked for me and what didn’t, and want to share a bit of that.

There is nothing permanent except change.      Heraclitus