Comfort zone………….

Tonight I went to watch the sunset at Baldwin Beach. Not the Sun over water, but very nice. Picture 82 degrees, light wind off the shore, warm sand in your toes.

Then I heard the music. I contemplated getting in my car, but something drew me towards the woods. It’s unlike me to try something new these days. I will fill you in on the next blog about that. And knowing it’s probably a bunch of young kids, I didn’t feel right about intruding on their space, but I did it anyway. I missed the flaming fire dance by a few minutes (I could see it walking down the beach), but what I did get was an unrehearsed drum set, and a guy playing the banjo while a young man beat a bucket for a drum. You can’t see anything except for a light or two, but it’s all about the music. Here are the drums on the beach in the dark. Turn up your volume, close your eyes,  and enjoy.

After the drums stopped, the man with a banjo started in, with a guy beating a bucket in the background. Here again, dark, but the sound is great, live.

I find myself being more withdrawn since I exited the working world. I want to change that. Because it was dark, I feel I was able to enter that world unnoticed, thereby no consequence. I think the next time I am watching the sunset from that beach, and there are drums in the woods, I am going to go over there when there is some light yet. What’s the worst that can happen?

I might have fun…………….

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  1. They sound like a friendly bunch, from the recording you posted. Maybe you ought to bring your own bucket, or a tambourine! You may end up beating your own drum, or dancing. Life is all about the dance. Let your hair down and jump in.. Hope you’ll blog about it when it happens.

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