Crow please….extra ketchup.

My last blog was self-pity about never winning anything. Wouldn’t you know that same night I would win the grand prize at my Son’s school? Must be Karma, which I so eloquently discussed in an earlier time.

Tonight I took my Son to a movie night at his school. Being from Minnesota, I would imagine this would be an inside event. Not in Maui. Outside, under the stars, no bugs, 80 degrees, perfect to be sure. The movie was Finding Dory, which I think I was the only person who has never seen it because I think out of the 200 plus people there, I was the only one watching. [amazon_link asins=’B00B3R965O,B00VXKQC8K,B074MK6NX9,B073VZCMDZ,B00DFRJM3Q,B017RVUV6W,0812982428,B00PFB88LM’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’burltheblogger’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d232bc52-a044-11e7-890b-c35237ca8135′]

When we got there, it was the usual contribution of entry, raffle, and food. About 30 bucks worth. The five bucks I put in for the raffle was for the  8th-grade class trip, a worthy cause to be sure. I rarely saw my son the 2  1/2 hours we were there, he was busy with friends. He came back when the movie ended, and the drawing began. Now keep in mind I have been touting a no-win anything policy for years. I expected the same.

The three names were pulled for prizes. Leftover pizza and glow sticks. The next name was drawn, a $20 gift card to an unnamed pizza palace. And the grand prize winner of a $250 gift card to a small boutique inn, which is about a half mile from the school,  is me. My son went nuts, jumping up and down and running down to the front to get the huge prize.

What makes this so special is that we were looking at the ticket together, and when the numbers were called, to my son it was like winning the Powerball.

I proudly followed him down to collect the bounty from his previous 4th-grade teacher, who was now the principal this year. I grabbed the envelope, and our beach chairs  and went back to the car to drive home in the dark. Once inside, I flipped on the interior lights and had him open the envelope to savor the win.

Dad, he asked, ” What does it mean rooms only, excludes food, drink, and blackout dates?”

Son, I said,” It means we just got juked.”

Now if you don’t know what juked means, you are definitely in need of updating. It means to make a move intending to deceive.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that the school gets donations. they have to make a lot of pieces work with a certain amount of funds.  The prizes were donated from local establishments, probably from someone who has a kid in school there. That’s great. But do you think that giving a night out at a local hotel means a whole lot to the locals? No food, no drink?

My son knew where the place was, and he showed me it on the way back from the movie night. It’s a tiny inn, right in town, no beach, no pool, kind of scary if you ask me. I looked it up online and see that $250 might cover one night. I would be afraid to stay there for a couple of hours.

Do you know what makes this the greatest win of all? My son and I had a moment. We bonded over the absurdity of the offer. No food, no drink. No value. We laughed that it had no value to us. We looked into each other’s eyes and connected. That was the true prize.

We got a free room back in Minnesota once. It was a TV promotion. We went to the pool for a couple of hours and then went home. The kids get it. Thank you for his school for bringing kids and parents and life together. I might not be in the market for an iffy motel at this time, but you never know.

Anyone up for some crow?…………………




4 Replies to “Crow please….extra ketchup.”

  1. You took what might have been a disappointment to your son and turned it into positive,life learning moment that he will never forget (and one day will share that moment with his own son)
    Another thing I love about this blog is how you show your glass is always “half full.” Some would have grumbled and been upset,but you turned it into a learning moment for your son. Well done, Blurl !

    1. Thank you Linda. I have tried to look at the lighter side of life, and raising kids I have learned is a learning experience in itself.

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