Cuff happens.

On Mothers Day, I was giving my Daughter a ride to her Mom’s house to spend the day with her. We were passing a bus stop not too far from her house, and noticed 3 police cars with lights on in the middle of a side street. Going past, there was a huge young man standing in the middle of about half a dozen cops getting handcuffs put on. Big, but docile. I was thinking to myself of all the cop shows where they wrestled the bad guy to the ground, the guy on Meth or something. We kept driving. A few blocks later, my daughter made a comment that she had never seen someone getting handcuffs put on, other than on TV. It was one of those happy/sad comments. Glad she hasn’t seen that side of society, but sad that she finally did. I commented how big he was and that the cops were lucky he wasn’t fighting them. She said he wasn’t that big. Pretty sure neither his Mom or him had a good Mothers Day.

Later on, as I was driving alone down to the beach for my walk, I passed a car with a young couple in it. You couldn’t have put a piece of paper in between them, they were sitting that close. Talk about bringing back memories. I fondly remember those magic days of young love, and how you couldn’t get close enough. I have even had girlfriends sitting in my lap driving down the road. Pretty sure now you would get a seatbelt violation. Now this is a guys point of reference, but it was intoxicating the look, smell, and touch of having a girl you are crazy (and I mean crazy) about sitting so close. If there is one thing I would like to bring back from my past, this would be it.

At the same time I was driving past the young lovers, a song came on the radio titled “Kissing Strangers” by Nicki Minaj.  Some of the lyrics are:

Kissing strangers, till I find someone I love.

Kissing strangers, till I find someone I trust.

Kissing strangers, open heart, open mind, never know who’ll you find.

It is such a natural human drive to want to connect with someone that pushes you to unbelievable lengths. And the whole process (that sounds so sterile) of finding a mate, who gives you what you need, and then trusting them with basically your life, is such a random event. We all have tales of love gained and love lost. Give life and love 100%, and I guarantee you will never regret a single minute. You will regret it if you don’t.