Dog gone it…..

My son wants me to get a dog. He says I need one because I’m lonely. I’m not lonely (well, maybe sometimes), but I don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment. I know, because I have had lots of dogs in my life. And I loved them all. Some were only in my life for a short time, only months, and some were for many years. My last dog was a white Westie named Lily. Her ashes are on the desk in front of me as I write this. She lived 14 years. There really is no good argument about not getting one. I’m using the fact I can’t have one at my rental house as my excuse for now.


Maui has a leash law, meant to protect people, animals, and property. It’s a good idea of course. Very few people follow the law. There are always dogs on the beach. Maybe 1 out of 50 is on a leash. I think that’s ok, especially since it is surprising how all the dogs are so well behaved. Sometimes they will come up to you as you sit or walk, but most of the time they are enjoying running, swimming, and digging so much they pretty much ignore other people. And there are all kinds of dogs, more Pit Bulls than anything else. Seem to be popular in Maui, although it must be popular to get rid of them too, because they are also the most populous dog at the shelter. The morning and late afternoon is when there are more dogs on the beach than during the day. It appears that people will take their dog out for a run before and after work, and I don’t think many tourists bring their dogs with them on vacation.

Word of warning:  Be careful if you want to rest on one of the few logs on the beach. They are the frequent rest stops for many a male. (Dog that is)


Yesterday, I met a dog named Ranger. Mixed breed, long hair, about the size of collie. He was with his owner about 75 feet away from me, and ran over to see me (maybe he thought I had a snack for him). He sat down, leaned against my chair, and pretty much stayed that way for about a half an hour. I think his owner was glad he wasn’t getting into any mischief, so was apparently in no hurry to come get him. I didn’t mind either. I was at the beach alone, and I enjoyed having the company. Eventually he got called to go, and with a backward glance and a smile for me, he was gone. It did get me thinking that maybe my son was right, maybe I should get a dog.

If I did, I would get one at the Maui Humane Society. My kids belong (I need to do that too), and we go down and see the cats and dogs every couple of weeks or so. It is a great facility for the pets, and they have a caring philosophy.

Mission Statement:
The Maui Humane Society’s mission is to protect and save the lives of Maui’s animals; accepting all in need, educating the community, and inspiring respect and compassion towards all animals.
I always wear sunglasses when I go. I shed a few tears every time, and don’t want the
kids to wonder what’s wrong with me.      I know they try to place them all, but can’t help
thinking of why and how that pet came to be here.     And I hope they find a good home
where they will be loved and not mistreated.
For now I am enjoying watching the dogs on the beach.     They are all grinning ear to ear
running on the sand and jumping in the water.      It’s probably as close to doggy paradise
as you could get.
Getting another pet is a big decision.  It has to for all the right reasons. I am going to go to
the beach today as soon as I am done with this post.    The beach is a good place to think
and sort out your life.    Volunteers bring the shelter dogs to the beach with adopt me
collars.      Who knows, I might not be coming home alone. Dog gone it….


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  1. Your Lily looks so precious! No wonder you miss her. My dad had a small white dog named Lily and a small black one named Tiger. They become our pals so easily, all that unconditional love they provide is a God send. Gets lonely living alone at times. My apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs or cats, unless you have a medical reason and need a companion pet. That’s why I got a Beta Fish–no doctor needed. His name is Jeremiah and he is awesome company for me, it’s not hard to believe that I’ve grown so attached to him. He is beautiful to look at too. Brilliant blue and green with a long feathery tail.
    I greet him whenever I walk into the room and he swims up to the side of his fishbowl and blows bubbles to me! Every morning I have my coffee at my table and we visit. He loves when I open the computer. I truly think he likes watching all the colors. I think you ought to get a fish. Those giant aquariums are a hobby and can be your underwater ocean experience right in your own home. They mesmerize you, so therapeutic too. Of course, having only 1 fish is also like having a pal. No vet bills, not much maintenance. You ought to consider it. P.S. My youngest grandson, Connor who is 9, gave me his favorite stuffed dog for a few months cuz he thought I was lonely too. I guess boys that age think we must be lonely when they aren’t around! Go check out the local fish store.

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