Eclipse the Eclipse……

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Yes, the picture is real. No, I didn’t take it.

You want bigger news than the Eclipse? Here it is, and as I told you, you are the first to know.  In fact, even my sister Nikki doesn’t know it’s published yet. And she illustrated it and has followed it’s birth every step of the way.  Her phone and internet lines were dug up this week on the North Shore, so is completely off the grid. Let’s keep it our little secret.

Our book, Imagine Me, is now published and available on Amazon as a download.  Not available as a physical book yet. Still some work to do if we do one at all.  Here is the cover.


It’s easy to find on Amazon. Just type in Imagine Me, or my name, and it should be right there. I know you are anxious, and if you want to shell out the 8 bucks that’s fine, but we will probably be doing a free promotion in the next week. I will let you know and you can download it for nothing on your device.

How it all started. I was writing my “How to buy a car book” when my sister mentioned I should write a children’s book, and she would illustrate it. This was back in March of this year. I sent her a few poems, she liked them, and a few months later we had an illustrated children’s book. I had to put everything on hold as I went back and sold my house, but jumped right back in when I returned. This isn’t her first rodeo. She has done this 3 times before. Look her up: An amazing artist, and I am proud to have her a huge part of this book.

We went the digital route as that’s where we see the world going. I spend many hours in retail stores, and seldom see anyone cruising the book aisles. I know it’s nice to have a glossy hardcover book on the shelf, but most are upwards of $15 or more, and that’s a bunch of money to spend, and I know what they are worth at a garage sale. Zip…

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and Nikki enjoyed painting the original watercolors specifically for the stories.


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  1. Congrats on the book! That’s great news. You and your sister make a good duo. I especially like the bumble bee and the butterfly stories. What’s the topic for your next endeavor? I think kids still love to have their stories read to them, should get a few of them to put on the shelves. Barnes and Noble are still going strong, people do like to hold the books and turn the pages.
    The pic of the eclipse is awesome too.

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