Friends boring strangers…………….

How do you look for something on Google? If you are like me, you type something in you are interested in finding, like how to milk a cow, or which fast food restaurant gets the most food poisonings. But who in the world would look for “Friends boring strangers”?

I get a report every day that shows how many people viewed my blog, where they came from, and which pages and blogs they viewed. It doesn’t show who they are, or emails, so they are completely anonymous. It does show what country they are from, and I have had readers from China, England, Israel, India, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Russia, and many others, mostly from Facebook I would assume. The other thing I had never noticed before because it had never shown up, was the search terms they used to find me. Here is the explanation. I had to look it up.

Search Engine Terms

These are the terms, words, and phrases people use on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing) to find posts and pages on your blog. These do not include the terms which your readers use within your blog’s Search Widget or any other search form on your blog.

Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. Google, for example, has been encrypting the vast majority of search terms since 2013.  That’s why we often can’t specify which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at your site from a search engine. When we don’t know the search terms, we show them as Unknown search terms

My report had always shown Unknown search terms, that is until yesterday. If you look at the bottom, the search terms read “friends boring strangers”.


I thought at first it was a comment someone had left. That stung a little, especially when you expose your emotions, and my thought was that maybe I am boring everyone except for a few good friends who give me encouragement. With that thought, I pondered the direction of this blog, or whether even continuing it, the rest of the day. Maybe I should just give up, or write stuff like everyone else about how to build a doghouse or get rich selling weight loss products.

Later in the day, I had to find out what this was all about. So I Googled it. “Friends boring strangers”. It came up with a long list of weird sites that don’t go anywhere, but if you click on images (where you get pictures) there is a bunch of porn and naked people. I can now only assume boring has an entirely different meaning than what I assumed it to be. (What came to your mind when I first mentioned it?) I went a few Google pages in until I clicked on what looked like the first real site, page 3, but my computer came up with a big alert about an impending virus about to get me, so I stopped. Apparently, “Friends boring strangers” might be a portal into the Dark Web or something.

It’s funny how fragile our egos can be to the offhand comment, a funny look, something we concoct out of thin air. This blog is good therapy for me (as Leanne pointed out) and just from something that had nothing to do with me, I almost changed it. A random search that ended up on my site.

Here is what it taught me. Don’t take anything at face value, because we superimpose our own beliefs on what we see and hear, whether they are real or not. If we are conditioned for deficiency, then that is what we see. If we are conditioned for failure, that is what we hear. The truth is there, we just need to separate our emotions from it to get the real meaning. I have never been very good at doing that, but if I want to keep writing about my life, I need to learn how to see the real truth. I keep dragging my past along and fret about a yet uncovered future. Today is what’s important. The past is gone, and there is nothing I or anyone else can do to change it. The future will come and be nothing like you imagine. Life is funny like that.

This new life of mine has given me a freedom I never thought possible. It has given me time that I squandered for so many years. It has made me more aware of my gifts, and of my flaws. It has made me appreciate being who I am, and it has made me appreciate others for what and who they are. It has made me appreciate friends. Thank you for reading my blogs. 


Come to think of it, the way the internet works, I might get a lot more attention if I changed the name of my blog to…..”Friends boring strangers”.



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  1. Time and good friends are things that get more valuable the older we get.
    I appreciate that you take time to write your blogs and to share yourself with us. I am bothered by this one’s picture tho…what is that hideous guy by the meat?
    I miss the VW bus. I want to travel around in that snazzy bus.

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