Guaranteed two step method for using the internet to make money. Part II.

First, let’s recap what the two ways are to make money off the internet.

  • Find jobs posted by Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc. in your area that you are qualified for.
  • Go get that job. You have now used the internet to find a job that will make you money.

In the last blog, we talked about one of the only legit ways to make money selling services or products on the internet, which is Amazon, or it could be another large retailer with an affiliate program. You are actually selling something of value, and getting paid a commission for that service. Unfortunately, you also have to compete with that company. Google something you want to buy, and Amazon or Walmart will probably always pop out on top of the search, followed by a huge host of others selling the same or similar products. It’s these retailers that are your competition. I want to also mention that you may have something of yours that you want to sell or are already selling. That’s great. Good luck with that.

When I first signed up with Amazon, I had visions of huge profits coming my way from the enormous amount of products I could offer on my websites. After a couple of weeks of adding links, I wasn’t getting any sales and went to Amazon’s Affiliate blog, where other Affiliates offer help and opinions. I posted that perhaps I was putting the wrong products on my site, and that may be the reason for my failure so far. One insightful person answered back. Why would I want to compete with Amazon with their own products? Didn’t really sink in for several days. In the end, he was right.

I mentioned on my last blog that advertising was the only way to really get the numbers of eyes to look at your website, and thus have a chance of selling them something. Basic numbers game, which plays out in every business. The question then becomes where do you advertise, and at what cost?  I have found out.


Facebook:  A stock price will typically follow what a company earns. Shortly after it went public, Facebook’s stock was selling for under $20. That was only five years ago, in 2012. Today it closed at 50 cents short of $180. That’s nine times what it was selling for five years ago. You might be thinking, but how do they make any money? All they are is a social network, aren’t they? And Facebook is probably one of the most cost-effective (which means cheapest) ways to get your ad out there.

Haven’t you ever wondered why all those sponsored ads keep popping up? Or the chain of likes for something? Or how about searching for something on the internet, and how strange it is that an ad for it shows up on Facebook? Fate? I fear not. It’s advertising, and Facebook sells a lot of it. By the way, Facebook also owns Instagram, so all those ads show up there too.

Now remember from my hypothetical sales, I wanted to make $200 a day, and to do that I need 10,000 impressions on my website that will be seen by prospective buyers. That is not going to happen with my 95 subscribers. So I started advertising on Facebook.

Here are the amounts that I spent on each blog, starting in September. Remember also that I got almost 1100 impressions and 93 clicks to Amazon, and $0 sales. But I was optimistic that I would have gotten $20 from those impressions. And to get $200, I needed to have 10,000.

2017-11-08 (1)

I actually got 8,718 impressions from my advertising. I spent $149.77 to get those impressions. I had 336 people click on the ad, which is posted in the timeline on Facebook, which leads them to that particular blog. The results:

  1. Sales:  $0
  2. Subscribers: 0

The idea for an ad campaign is to not only try to sell them something on the spot but also get their email address so you can market to them in the future. I got neither, not one.But it did boost my daily number of blog views, which I guess made me feel pretty good. But just as fast as the numbers came in, they dropped.

2017-11-08 (2)

Although I sold nothing, I feel optimistically that I could have made close to $200 with the advertising I did, had the moon and stars all aligned. I spent $150. That’ a profit of $50. Do you know how many hours I spent writing blogs, and ads, and researching products and techniques? Countless to say the least.

Because of the huge numbers of traffic you need to generate, and only get from 1 to 10 percent commissions by selling real products, the only alternative is to look for something with a higher profit margin. And they are out there, like a bad virus waiting for you on the water fountain. In my next blog, I will talk about my venture into the high-profit world of eproducts.

See you in the next blog: Guaranteed two-step method for using the internet to make money. Part II.


4 Replies to “Guaranteed two step method for using the internet to make money. Part II.”

  1. Since you spend so much time on the internet trying to find ways to make money….here’s an idea for you…research companies to track their earnings, habits, where they are heading into the future…get and IRA set up at TDAmeritrade and start investing to earn. At least here you have a 50/50 chance if you’re any good at it. From the sounds of it, you are determined and hard working, have the time to invest and have intelligence and that’s all it takes to be good at it. I’ll be surprised if you answer back to say that you tried but didn’t make $$ at it.
    I answered a few ads on how to make $$ online–work from home–type of ads. Most of them were typing information into forms for companies looking for administrative assistants. They start out with somebody scouting the companies in search for a need, you have to pay to get the names of the companies to work for from the scouts…as soon as I hear it takes money to get a job—I’m out! They are supposed to be paying me, not the other way around for heaven’s sake.
    But trading stock on the internet is a viable solution if you have the time to research the companies and are diligent in doing so. I think you would be able to make more than $200 per week with a modest investment to work with. Or $200 per month with a small investment. No guarantees, but seems better than what you’ve been trying to do anyway. Just a thought. Good luck in whatever future endeavors you decide to take on! Your books are fun to read, that’s a good choice you made. Plus your travel blogs are the best!

    1. Leanne, I could and should write a book on how NOT to invest in the stock market. I have been doing it for 40 years, and still can’t spot a dud (which means I buy it and lose money). I have learned my lesson there, and let the pros do it. At this point, I am looking into all this stuff for fun and something to write about. I was all serious about it for months, but now I see these opportunities for what they are, worthless. I’m glad you can spot a scam too. The work from home scams get a lot of people. Invest a small amount and they will set you up. They certainly will. Thanks for reading and commenting. I look forward to those as well.

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