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I get great comments and really enjoy reading them. Here is one that didn’t get posted (not sure why) but I would like to share it with you. It’s from a friend of mine, Leanne.


I was writing a response to your blog, but it must be too long to accept it cuz it wouldn’t post it.  Here’s what I had to say:

I’ve lived my life in the moment, spur of the moment vs making plans.  It’s funny how we think the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes I think life would have worked out better if I had a plan and stuck to it. Or maybe I would be needing anti depressant pills by this stage. My life has taught me that flexibility and a little craziness are necessities.
Today was the day I was going to shake rugs, do laundry, go grocery shopping and all those boring projects done before tomorrow when a new week of work begins.My friend from out of town called and invited me to take a hike up near Enger Tower, go to Hartley Nature Center to see if we can find butterflies in the butterfly garden and stop for coffee, so housework will need to wait.  I have more fun things to do with my time today.
Last Sunday, same thing happened. I was set up to clean the apartment and pack away my summer clothes.  I felt like getting out, packing away summer clothes can be a little depressing, so I went up to Enger Tower for a stroll. Way too many tourists mulling around.  So I went to Pike Lake for a hike. Met a guy who was preparing to go wind surfing. He shared the basics of the sport with me and I stayed to watch him glide on the water. It was so cool. Never got around to housework that day either.  Oh well, is what I say.  I live in the moment and the other stuff isn’t going away. It’ll still be needing to be done later. I used to wonder why I do what I want, not what I should.  It’s just how i live. I like the slogan; Just Do It!
The night before school started for my  9-year-old grandson, Connor, he told his mom he doesn’t need to go to school this year since he’s more a “doer” than a “thinker”.  He’s got some of that right!
A good blog gets you thinking, and her comments did just that for me. I know I am a planner by nature, design or circumstance, not sure which. Not in the make a list kind of planning, but always thinking ahead of things I might have to deal with. Or times and places I have to be. (I am always early). Even if it’s years down the road.
I see the folly and the genius in that.
I haven’t always been this way. I am pretty sure I was as a kid, and from my late twenties on, but I did have a stretch when I did fly by the seat of my pants and set my sails whichever way the wind was blowing. If I said those were the good old days, I wouldn’t be lying.
Is there a difference in “living in the moment” or “living and planning for the future”? I think they are one and the same. In fact, in order to have a better future, you need to live in the present better.  Let me say that again.
To have a better future, you need to live in the present better.
Immerse yourself fully in today, this minute, this hour. You will get more out of life. You will learn more, be happier, less stressed, develop better relationships, and on and on. Living for the future, you will become paralyzed with indecision, withdraw from fun. Your day becomes counter productive to your goals.
And where would the dreamer be if they never came true? Live in the moment needs to have a purpose too. I wouldn’t call watching Judge Judy reruns all day qualifies for living in the moment.
Last winter (if you can call it that over here) I did a lot of reading about Manifestation.
It was very absorbing and motivating. Making things happen by letting them happen. Trouble was, it never really worked for me. Just like everything else, I tried too hard to make it happen, which is like pushing a rope. Doesn’t work that way. That’s the same way I have always gone about living in the moment. Can’t force it. Doesn’t work that way.
So my Guest Blogger refers to me as a “Thinker” vs a “Doer”. She’s right in the “Think way too much about everything” category, but right and wrong about the “Doer” label.
She’s right that I have seldom “done” those take a chance things that veer you off the straight and narrow. But she’s wrong about me not “doing”. I have done all of those things I expected I should do.
I know just about everyone can relate to this. When you are doing those things expected of you (like work), you are thinking about and wishing you were doing anything else but. And when you are doing those other things you were thinking about, you can’t help thinking about work. At least I can relate to it. Maybe that comes from forcing those moments.
Kind of like what I am doing right now. I am writing this blog, with my kids sitting next to me in the living room of this small house. I am thinking I should be doing something with them, making a memory. And if I were to stop right now, when I am doing something with them, I will be thinking about what to write next or that I need to finish this blog.
Come to think of it……………………Bye!


If you are interested in manifestation, here is a link to some great books.



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