Ho’okipa Beach (Surfer Beach)


If you like to surf or windsurf, then this is the place for you. But you better be good, because it’s not for beginners. Here’s where the pros go. I’s a great place to watch them, and get a gorgeous view of the ocean and huge waves from the lookout parking lot as you first enter the beach area, appropriately named Ho’okipa Lookout. There are always craft and food venders in the lot, and it’s fairly easy to find a place to park because people come and go quickly, by Maui standards.  There is a metal guardrail near the edge of the cliff, but you can jump over it and make your way down to the water at the end of the point. But be careful, the waves are big and the currents strong.

Ho’okipa Beach is located a couple of miles past Paia on the Road to Hana, just south of Mama’s Fish House. It means “hospitality” in Hawaiian. It’s also a locals beach, and usually is busier on weekends, when the locals have days off and use the facilities for parties. To get down to the beach area, drive down a short one way road to the parking lot, of which there are two. There are also 2 lifeguard stations, rest rooms, picnic areas and pavilion. If you are looking to spend a relaxing day at the beach, then this is probably not the place for you. The beach’s sand is too grainy for my tastes, and it’s always windy, and there are lots of rocks at the shore. And it’s usually very busy with all the surfers. When you exit the parking lots, you will have to make a right turn back towards Paia. So if you are heading towards Hana, you will have to drive a few blocks to be able to turn around and head south again. If you are leaving the lookout area, you can turn both ways.

If your bag is not surfing, then there is something for you and the kids here. Green Sea Turtles, and lots of them. You can usually spot them swimming in the clear water from the lookout, but if you want to get close up, then park down by the beach and walk to the area right along the lookout cliff. Here is where they come out to lay in the sand. Last time I went, there were about 25 of them, crawling over each other to get the best spot. They are hard to spot sometimes, they look just like rocks on the beach. But once you spot one, then you can’t miss them.  All in all, put this spot on your to do list in Maui.

                                                                               Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles