How to get a Hawaii drivers license

I have always had a Minnesota drivers license, even though I have lived in other states. Never felt the need to switch it. But my time ran out.  I am in Maui, for 4 months now, and my Minnesota license expires this month. I contacted the Minnesota DMV, and I could do an out of state application, but requires a vision check by a doctor, so looked like a hassle. So I went to the local Hawaii DMV office to find out what I needed. In order to get a Hawaiian license, I would need a passport and SS card for identification, and proof of residency (a six month or more signed lease agreement, and two utility bills in my name. Luckily I have the identification stuff, but I am on a month to month rental, all utilities paid. Got around that by having my landlord sign and notarize an affidavit that I live here, and could use their utility bills as proof that they live here. On my second trip back, I decided to not be the crabby person that they usually confront, which starts the whole bad DMV vibe. It worked, got my license, no hassles.

It was hard for me to give up my Minnesota License for a weird reason. I like to enter sweepstakes, contests, and buy lottery tickets. The State of Hawaii does not allow gambling. If you look at many sweepstakes rules, Hawaii is typically excluded, and luckily my sister who still lives in Minnesota will still buy my lottery tickets for me. One good thing however is that Hawaii residents get discounts on various events that tourist don’t. The other good thing is that I am truly a resident of the state, another bite out of the elephant on moving here.

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