How to make a book cover for paperback and kindle

While I was writing my how to buy a car book, I researched the process of making a cover. I was having a bit of anxiety with all the steps to get done. Then I discovered Fiverr. If you don’t already know, Fiverr is a global marketplace matching freelancers from all over the world to get your task, whatever that may be, done for anywhere from $5 to over $500 per job. I used them to make my book cover. Here is how that worked.

When you log on to their website,, you search for what you want to have done, in this case a book cover. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people offering their services. They advertise what they will charge, and what you will get for that. They also have additional work if you want, but everything is up front about what they charge. I was not sure about what I wanted being my first book, so I chose two freelancers to design a cover for me.

The first person I chose was a gal from the US, who said she could produce a cover in 48 hours. All of this is done by email through the Fiverr site. Once you have chosen someone, then you pay for the service upfront, which in this case was $15. The freelancer then has 48 hours, what she advertised her turnaround time was, to produce a cover. I heard from her once, when she got the order, and never another word. But Fiverr keeps track, and when the 48 hours was up, they gave me the option of cancelling the job, and get a refund, or wait longer. I chose to cancel and they refunded my $15 and put it on account.

Because I was anxious to get something done, I ordered my cover from two different people next. One was from the US with a 48 hour turnaround time, and the other from India with a 5 day turnaround. The person from India was a lot busier, as you could tell by the amount of reviews he had. They both came through with covers on time as promised. I spent $20 on one, and $27 on the other, tip included. You pay for the job up front, but if you are pleased with the work, you can leave them a tip. I know 5 bucks in the US might not go too far, but in some countries, it may be quite a substantial amount. Besides, I pride myself on being a good tipper, having worked for them at one time.

What they send you is a completed cover, and yes, you can revise it all you want, which I did a couple of times. Before they design it, they ask what format you will be using it in, in this case paperback and Kindle e-book. They will then send you the right format to send it to Amazon. They also ask what other designs caught your eye, to get an idea of what you like, or are looking to have something similar.

I am glad I found out about Fiverr, before I tried to make one myself, or paid a designer big bucks because I didn’t know there was another way. Both designs were great, so I could have gotten by with investing only $20 buck for the cover, instead of $47 for two designs, but hey, call me the big spender.

Here are the two covers. I chose the one on the left because I liked the curves up ahead symbolism of trying to negotiate a car. I think the one on the right stands out better, and with Amazon publishing, I can switch covers with the push of a button (key).