How to Start a Blog

The most current accomplishment has been putting together this blog website.  After I left my job, and in the “what am I going to do now” phase, I took some time to learn how to build a website. I signed up with GoDaddy for a domain name, and with HostGator for hosting the site. Lesson number one, use the same hosting service as you would for getting a domain name, makes the whole process a lot smoother.

I spent about a month learning all the ins and outs of WordPress, which is how to build your website the way you want it to look, and signing up with email services to handle the huge numbers of people who wanted to get on my email list. I won’t get into the specifics, after about 4 months, with not one person subscribed, I gave up. But it was surprising that I remembered as much as I did about the whole process of getting up and running.  This time I had a workable website, in fact I have two, each one taking no more than a couple of hours to do.

My other website,, is using a free Web Builder program that is offered by Hostgator, and this website is a free WordPress platform. They both have lot’s of features and a nice look.

The cost:  Getting each domain name is $12.95 per year. The hosting service (which you need to be on the internet) was about $200 for 3 years. Building both websites were free.