A few blogs ago I showed pictures of the beach erosion on the south end of Baldwin Beach.

I was down there today and was surprised that the beach erosion continues. This is the Pavillion that has been there a long time. A few months ago, it was about 100 feet to the water. Now it’s about 20.  (I couldn’t find a before picture). I was walking the other day and a local who had lived there for about 16 years told me he had never seen the beach like this. He figured the Pavillion will end up collapsing into the water.

Now what is interesting about this event, it started about the time they kicked the homeless people out who had been occupying this area. The Pavillion was shelter from storms and blazing sun. The beach was a pot smokers dream. (You never had to worry if the couch would burn up when you dropped the ash in the cushions).  The sound of drums and acoustical guitars filled the air every day. I would say that the homeless were in tune with Mother Nature here. Now it seems the beach and the Pavillion will both be gone, like the homeless.


There were no demonstrations. No cars were flipped over and store windows were broken and looted. No angry mobs with signs. Didn’t even make the news. The peaceful woods dwellers left without protest.

Seems like sometimes a message is sent. Sometimes it doesn’t come from Man.

Karma’s a bitch………………




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  1. Time to find out where the homeless are hanging out. That’s the place to visit now, better vibes. If we take care of our Earth, it will provide for us. Water and wind can be devastating, that’s for sure. The spirits of the beach are angry for taking away the music and peacefulness. Hawaii is an extremely spiritual place. Don’t mess with them! Good message in your blog.

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