My first book

My first book is still a work in process. After Christmas I decided to get serious about writing and publishing a book. Every day after dropping the kids off at their schools, I would sit down and write. My goal was to get at least 80,000 words, which is what I had read is a good size for a non-fiction or memoir type book. I typed out everything that came to mind, all about my life, my work, likes, dislikes, secrets, funny stories, you name it. After about 5 weeks, I had hit my 80,000 words, and thought, wow I had written a book. I took a few days off from working at it, and reread it. It was horrible. Disjointed, rambling, egotistical, and self serving.

Reworking it seems like a daunting task, so I decided to go a different route. A third of what I had written was about my career, at least the last one. 28 years in the car business had taught me a thing or two, and I felt I needed to share what I had learned to help others with the process. I took the part I had already written about it, added and subtracted, and came up with my published book about how to buy a car from a dealership, called BEST BUYER BOOK. Published and sold by Amazon. In subsequent posts, I will get into more detail about going through that process of getting published.