One more hand to hold…………..

A child reaches instinctively for their parent’s hand when crossing a busy street. A parent holds their child’s hand in a large crowd. Young lovers hold hands to show their intimacy. The aged hold hands for support. Friends hold hands to feel connected, the spiritual hold hands to connect. A newborn’s hands are held to comfort. The dying’s hand’s held tightly to prevent fear. There is much comfort in the act of holding hands.

I was reminded of this intimate human act while at the beach today. An older couple were walking and holding hands. They moved slowly, enjoying all that was around them, and they looked at peace, enjoying the feeling that someone loved them. The reason it stood out to me, was that it’s a rare thing to see these days. Whether it’s out of fear of too much display of intimacy, or there is none, or in this day of information overload, we don’t take the time to feel that connection with another.

As you probably know, humans give off an aura and an electrical charge, with positively and negatively charged protons and electrons. We have all had that zap handshake, or someone zapping your ear with static electricity.  I think that when you hold another’s hand, a synergy is created of electrical power. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or the connection itself can charge another when they are in need. That is why holding hands is such a comfort. When you are hurt, emotionally or physically, you are in energy deficit. Holding another who is stronger than you at that point will give you the strength to heal.


My son is just now starting to not want to hold hands when going places. He has always been a touch-type person and wanted to hold hands when walking into strange places or when he gets a bit fearful. Now he ignores my hand when I reach for his, a sign that he has found strength on his own, and doesn’t need the comfort anymore. That makes me tremendously sad. I am going to miss that touch. My daughter, on the other hand, never wanted to hold hands. You would have had to handcuff her in order to do it. I was fortunate that my son wanted to because that’s how I am.

What greater pleasure in life than when your baby grasps your hand tightly. Or a new crush reaches for your hand on a date. Or your parent’s hands. The ones that held yours so tightly to protect, comfort, guide and love you. Or the lingering handshake of an old trusted friend. Hands are more than a tool. They are your expression. Don’t underestimate this power. You need to look no further than Michelangelo’s painting of the “The Creation of Adam” in 1510 to see the tremendous power of touch.


As I write this, I am remembering all the many times I have held hands, and how it affected me at the time. It is one true memory with no negativity. There has never been a time when I have held another’s hand and regretted doing it. I can’t say that about many, if any, memory.

I wish I had held my Mom’s hands more when I could. I wish my Dad was here to hold mine when I need it. I wish my kids still wanted me to hold their hands. I wish I had held the hands more of the ones I truly loved. I guess I do have one regret.

I wish I had done it more………………


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  1. Beautifully said. I am a hugger. the longer and tighter the better. I have a plaque that reads: Hugs are here to stay. They let us know we’re okay. Scientists say we need 12 a day. I’ll take all that come my way!
    Let’s play a game just for two. You hug me~~and I’ll hug you.
    Written by Marie Young

    Hugs recharge my batteries. I get groggy without them. Hard to find a good hugger, but I have a few! A good hug can take me from having an ok day, to an oh so invigorating energetic good feeling day.

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