Paia Secret Beach (Clothing Optional)

Located between Baldwin Beach Park on the north side, and Paia Bay on the south, this small beautiful beach is a nude beach. The day, and only day, I went there were two people  (weather wasn’t perfect) and both were reading books, one in a hammock and one in the sand. Both were fully clothed. I was actually relieved. At the Paia end, there is an old WWII pillbox that local artists use for creative endeavors. On the north end there is a wooded area with a fair number of homeless people living in tents.(Maybe 25 to 50). The only way to access the beach is through the woods, or by 4X4 through a locked gate, or walk up the beach from the Paia end.

Wooded path to the beach from Baldwin.

There is a manmade rock wall on the Baldwin side that always has a lot of Sea Turtles swimming near it. That is also where the homeless live.  From what I have witnessed and read about, the homeless pretty much stick to themselves, and have never bothered me on many, many trips to the beaches. The waves are fairly substantial here, no reef protection, so not the best for the average swimmer. There are no facilities at this location, you would have to carry all your beach stuff. No lifeguard either. If you have kids that like the water, Baby Beach on the north end of Baldwin is the place to take them, not here. But if you are looking for letting loose, this would be a great place to do it. The other popular nude beach is on the west side of Maui at Makena Beach (the nude part is called Little Beach). That one is a lot busier, so what ever makes you comfortable.

                                                                       Beachfront condo on Paia Secret Beach.