Short Bert Revised


Short Bert had a big problem. He was too tall. That’s why they called him Short Bert.







Short Bert was taller than his 2nd-grade teacher, Mrs. Gunderson. A whole 3 inches taller.







Short Bert didn’t like new clothes. His old clothes were way too small for him, but he wore them anyway.  







Short Bert didn’t like basketball. He could never make a basket, but they made him play anyway.

Short Bert was the only kid in his class that could reach the top of the chalkboard. Chalkdust made Bert sneeze, but he cleaned the top of it anyway.


Short Bert’s knees hit the bottom of his desk. He was uncomfortable sitting this way. He sat that way anyway.


Short Bert couldn’t ride a bicycle. He was way too big for his tricycle.  He rode it anyway.

Short Bert didn’t know how to swim. He liked to sit in his kiddie pool, but his legs stuck out. He did it anyway.

Short Bert had to ride in a booster seat. When he sat in the booster seat, his head hit the car roof. He sat in it anyway.

Short Bert liked to take naps in school. His nap mat was a foot shorter than him, and his head hit the floor. He napped on it anyway.

Short Bert liked to go on rides at the fair. His favorite was the airplane ride. He sat all scrunched up to fit. He went on it anyway.

Short Bert’s Mom wanted to get him a big boy bed. He liked his old bed better. His feet stuck out. He slept in it anyway.

Short Bert liked to watch movies. He wanted to sit right up front, but his friends couldn’t see over him. He didn’t want to sit in the back. He sat in the back anyway.

Short Bert wanted a puppy. His Mom got him a six-year-old Weiner Dog from the shelter named Stan. Short Bert thought Stan was kind of small for a dog. Stan thought Short Bert was kind of big for a kid. They became best friends.

Short Bert had a friend named Molly. Molly couldn’t walk and had a wheelchair. She couldn’t play hide and go seek with the other kids, so Short Burt always took the time to play with her. He knew it was hard to be different. It made Molly feel special, and it did the same for Short Bert. That’s why he doesn’t mind it when they call him Short Bert.