The perfect date……………….

I was planning our date, and I wanted it to be memorable for both of us. Something for us to remember for years to come. I researched restaurants, sunset times, the best beach, where to park, and a nice place for a walk along the shore. I wanted it to be perfect. This would be technically our first date alone, without others around to distract us. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how it would go, what we would talk about, if we would want to do it again.

We went to the sunny, warm side of the island, Kihei.  Sunset was at 6:05 so we went down around 4:00 to have some time to enjoy the remaining hours of daylight, then watch the sunset and have dinner after that. I picked Polo Beach, the beach I have talked about before next to the big luxury resorts. I suggested we visit the two of the nicest ones because she had never seen them.


We started by walking the paved path along the ocean that connects the big resorts, starting at the Grand Wailea, and ending with the Kea Lani. The weather was perfect, and those resorts are a wonder to see. We took pictures on the balconies and the huge open lobby, then walked past the shops and pools and fountains. She mentioned she was hungry, but one look at the menu at a tiki looking restaurant built over a goldfish pool, she said it was too expensive and could wait. My kind of girl I thought. We walked past the Luau on the way out, which was just going to start. I asked if she wanted to watch, but she had been to one and didn’t care.

The sun started to set as we walked to the Kea Lani, the first resort I stayed at on my first trip to the island. We sat on a ledge on the perfectly manicured lawn and watched the sun slip silently into the sea. It was about 80 degrees and very little wind. Perfect,  I couldn’t have planned it any better. Then we walked around the resort, checking out the menu at the resort restaurant, and again decided it wasn’t worth the price. I told her stories of when I stayed there, and how Carlos Santana played with the lobby bar band one night. She had never heard of him. That surprised me little. Getting back to food, she said she would be happy going to one of the local small ones that line the beach road.

We got back to the car, drove to a cute little place, went in and had a great meal. I had fish and chips (Mahi-Mahi) and she was happy with chicken wings. Water was our preferred beverage. By that time it was pretty dark, and I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else, but she said it was getting late and would just as soon head home. On the drive back up the volcano, she listened to her music on her phone, and I the radio. It felt very comfortable.


The thing I realized about this date was there was no pressure. We didn’t struggle for conversation, we just didn’t talk when we didn’t feel like talking and it didn’t feel weird. I really wasn’t concerned with what I was wearing, I knew she wouldn’t care what I wore. I had on a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. I wanted to be comfy. There was no wondering how it was going, or did she like me, or if I had to burp or pass some gas, she would have laughed it off. (I didn’t need to). I also appreciated I didn’t have to spend a couple hundred bucks on dinner. She showed true concern not to waste money.

As we got back to the house and went inside, I was pleasantly surprised when she thanked me for the nice evening. She said she had a really good time and would like to do it again. I, of course, agreed and promised it would. The whole night was perfect, and I realized that it was the kind of date I have been missing. One where I could be myself, and she could too. I know I have never had a first date like that. I probably don’t want to gush too much about how much I enjoyed it. You know, that comes off strange sometimes.

Of course, it helps when someone knows you so well, and you know her the same. In fact, we are planning a night out tomorrow night again. It’s been raining for a few days, and we want it to be perfect when we go out for dinner again. Hoping for a spectacular sunset.

I can’t wait to take her out one more time before her brother comes back from his trip back to visit family in Minnesota. I know it’s not going to be too long until she doesn’t want to go out with me anymore. So I will take advantage of it while I can, because it’s rare to be able to have some alone time…….with my daughter.





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    1. Thank you, Jolene. I will take your once in a lifetime silence as a compliment. I saw the wedding pictures. Beautiful. You must be so proud. Congratulations. And welcome back to posting comments. We missed them. 🙂

  1. She is beautiful, and so are you. What a wonderful caring, loving dad you are, Burl. I had a similar experience this past weekend. I drove to Chicago with my granddaughter, and her college roommate, to spend time with my grandson. He and I have a bond that is similar to the one I had with my grandmother, bless her soul. He’s always happy to see me, is so attentive and charming. We stayed at a Hilton close to his hockey arena where he played on Friday and Saturday night (of course his team won both games). i asked him to make a play, come out of the corner to score a goal and after a couple of tries he made it for me! I am so proud of his hockey abilities, it’s earned him a scholarship and gives him so much pleasure to do what he loves every day. We took the Rail downtown and he showed us the Chrome Cloud Gate. It’s an awesome piece of art in the park between the lake and downtown. We took lots of fun pictures. We ate lasagna one night at a little bistro near his rink after the game. The second night we invited a couple of his teammates to join us for pizza, at our favorite pizza place. Chicago style pizza is the best deep dish ever! The crust is thin on the bottom, buttery crispy side crust, yummm. It’s layered with mozzarella cheese, then the thick pizza sauce topped with meats! Even the hungry hockey players could only eat 1 piece. We had 1/2 the pizza to take home. If you’re a foodie, Chicago is the place to be! It’s authentic, not Americanized. The best part of the visit was waking up to him giving me a shoulder rub, a hug and a big cup of hot coffee. It felt so wonderful to have someone thinking of me. I miss having that in my life right now. I guess I’ll have to make trips to Chicago more often this winter!
    You are setting a great example for your kids. You know how the saying goes: your daughter will seek out a man that reminds her of her dad. She will be fortunate to find someone that treats her as well as you do! Keep that standard high and you can rest assured she will make good decisions.

    1. Thank you, Leanne. I try. We all have friends and relationships come and go, but it’s family that is your rock forever. Love that you have such a close relationship with your Grandson. I wish my kids would give me backrubs. Usually, boys that age have girlfriends, and you couldn’t get two minutes with them. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders, a lot of it from you I am sure. You made it just before the snow too!

  2. I know the roads are very slippery tonight. We had high winds on the point today, not much snow..but up on the hill where I work we got about 6″. Slushy stuff. You are right about my grandson. He focuses on his education and his hockey, not necessarily in that order! He says girls are too high maintenance. He dates, but nobody special. Too busy for that. My granddaughter has a great guy and I see about as much of her as I do her brother, and she lives in Duluth! I am happy to spend as much time with them as I can. It’s unconditional love, for sure.

    1. I sure don’t miss the weather. My daughter and I went to the beach to watch a beautiful sunset again tonight. 80 degrees too. That grandson of yours is smart. It took me 60 years to figure out girls are too high maintenance…………..

  3. I was waiting to hear about your date last night, wondering if you took her to the beach with the drummers and dancers….80’s sounds really good at this time! I’ve got 74 in the apartment, doesn’t feel the same tho…..

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