The Perfect Ten Minute Meditation……….

I don’t like to meditate. I know it’s good for me.

I love sunsets. To me, they are very relaxing. I know you aren’t supposed to look directly at the Sun. I do it anyway.

They say (whoever they are) that at least 10 minutes of meditation a day will lower your stress. I believe that. But to tell you the truth, I get more stressed trying to meditate. I try it at home, but then my computer or phone beeps and I have to check. If I go outside, then a car drives by or someone starts their weed wacker. I have seen a lot of people meditate on the beach. Seems like the perfect place. But not for me.

I figured it out. I don’t like to have my eyes closed unless I’m tucked safely in bed. It’s kind of like being in a shower, I feel vulnerable.  Lately, I have tried to meditate for a few minutes after my beach walk, I close my eyes, concentrate on the sound of the waves, then someone with a dog walks by and the dog runs over and sniffs me. That will make you jump with your eyes closed. There are also a lot of tiny crabs that come out of holes all over the beach. They are very timid and will scurry back if you walk by, but when you sit quietly, they jump out and run around you. That’s a bit unnerving too. Finally, and I know it’s because I’m a guy, some hot gal in a very skimpy bikini walks by. That changes my entire meditation thought. (I may be old but not dead).

Last night my Daughter and I drove up the volcano instead of down to the beach to watch the sunset, the first time for me. It was gorgeous and I filmed ten minutes of it. When I got home and watched, it was extremely relaxing but lacked sound. I found some music, combined them and I now have the perfect solution for my meditation quandary.

I hope you enjoy watching this Maui sunset from a two thousand foot elevation and perfect 75 degrees.





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  1. I noticed the angel spreading her wings at the top of this blog, pretty cool. Magnificent sunset too. I remember waking up in Hawaii to watch the sunrises over the ocean. Hot cup of freshly brewed Kona coffee in hand and waiting patiently to see that first flash of light above the water. What a way to start your day, or end your day, whichever you prefer. There’s something to be said about the natural wondrous environment you’ve set yourself up in. I would think just being there would be such a stress releaser. I’ve never been good at meditation either. I find serenity in nature, not in my head. the big lake takes my breath away each time I stroll over the dunes and see it. Hard to believe something so big and powerful can be so calming and relaxing to me. The sky and the water, what a magical mix! We are fortunate to have the freedom to roam wherever we want to be. Can you imagine not being able to walk over the dune, or drive to the volcano to have these beautiful experiences?
    We should have a discussion about your feeling vulnerable in the shower! I guess that means no outdoor showers at our house,huh? That would be a must for me if I lived somewhere warm enough to have one. Showering outside is like being one with nature. I don’t mean the public ones on the beach everybody uses…unless it’s got private separated cubes, those are ok. I don’t want to take showers with strangers….anymore, LOL
    Maybe you watched “Psycho” too many times as a kid? I love to soak in the tub and take long showers. It relaxes me and it’s the place I do my praying. Somehow it feels right. I feel safe and cannot understand why you don’t. A topic for another blog another day.

    1. I think it did start with Psycho. Or a million other horror movies where they pull the shower curtain back to expose sudden death. Now baths are a different story, love them. I did use the private outdoor shower at a luxury resort I stayed at in Puerto Rico for a week. That was great.
      I got the same feeling when I lived on Park Point, right across from Lafayette Square. I took my Bassett Hound, Cameo, there for walks every morning before work. I now have that same feeling when I spot the ocean a few blocks from my house. Makes me smile every time. Tonight I drove by the small prison here on the island, and I thought to myself how fortunate to not be in that place. We are truly blessed with the freedoms we have for sure.

  2. The Sunset…absolutely beautiful….the music incredible….send me an email of the video, I need to keep it in Archive….as Impatient as I am I patiently listened to the whole ten minute video….Sydney is so lucky being able to watch the sunset with you….even though you don’t realize it at the time it is times like getting in an old truck after supper and going to the local dump to watch the bears….I’ve since forgotten the bears but treasure the memory of being with Dad…..Nikki

    1. Thanks. I will send you the video, and if you want to see all of my videos posted on my blogs and not posted, just type in burltheblogger in YouTube. I have told my kids about the bears at the dump, it was a unique experience and one I will always remember as well. Their question was “Dad, what is a dump?” I am pleasantly surprised you made it through the whole ten minutes. Not like you for sure.

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