What you need to write a book

Last year before I retired, I wondered what I would do when I didn’t have to do the daily grind anymore. I secretly wanted to write a book, or something related to the internet, so I went out and bought a very nice touch desktop computer, a beautiful desk, comfy stool, and set it up in my home office. That was in Minnesota, June 2016.  My excuse to buy the stuff was for the kids to use for school.  All summer they played Minecraft and other stuff, and we did use it for schoolwork when I home schooled them for a month and a half before they moved to Maui with my Ex. I stayed back for a couple of months after they moved over. That couple of months alone was my chance to really hit it writing. I never wrote one word.

Everyday I went to the gym, cleaned, shopped, sorted through stuff, etc.  I had absolutely no creativity to start writing anything. Maybe it was the 12 years living there, maybe fall setting in and winter coming, maybe, maybe, maybe.

Then I moved and everything changed. My house is 1/3 the size, and here is a picture of my office. I ordered a $215 HP laptop from Amazon, with Office 365 free for a year. My stool is about as uncomfortable a thing you can sit on, and the lighting is terrible. Since January I have written and published my book on How to Buy a Car, have an mostly completed memoir on Word, written a children’s picture book and waiting for the illustrations to be done, and written a rough draft of another. This is in less than 3 months. And built two websites and blog every day.

What changed is my life changed. I get inspiration from everything new, walking on the beach, listening to the birds. seeing green every day. Now I know why most artists live in interesting places. Suburbia just doesn’t cut it for me to get excited about creating.  It’s not the equipment, it’s the inspiration.